At Covidien, your success is our success. Our comprehensive reward programs recognize the value you bring to our business.

As we’re all motivated by different things, these programs feature a range of options. Rewards vary from country to country, but here are the kinds of things you can look forward to:

Competitive salaries and bonuses: We believe you should be recognized for your contribution and share in the success you help create. Our competitive compensation plans – which include base salary, annual incentive plans and, for nominated employees, equity in the company – emphasize ‘pay for performance’ and recognize and reward employees who deliver outstanding results.

Employee Stock Purchase Plan: Our Employee Stock Purchase Plan enables most employees worldwide to buy stock in Covidien and have a long-term stake in our future. The Employee Stock Purchase Plan features monthly market purchases and we provide a company match (limits apply).

Health and well-being: Health and physical well-being is a priority for us. We provide medical benefits either through insurance or through government programs. And in many locations we support access to fitness facilities and health improvement programs. Depending on your location, we support domestic partnership benefits, transportation support and retailer discounts. 

Financial protection benefits: Protecting our employees’ financial well-being is an important part of our rewards package. That’s why we provide life insurance, disability and retirement benefits in many locations. These are typically provided through government programs, company-sponsored plans, consortia or a combination.

Work-life balance: You’ll be entitled to paid time off on top of statutory holidays, and may be able to flex this allowance in some regions and roles. Day to day, we’ll respect your personal time and your right to pursue your own interests beyond the workplace.

Professional networks: Thanks to the global nature of the organization, there are numerous technologies, networking opportunities, and regional and global meetings and events that help us collaborate and share knowledge around the world. You’ll be able to build relationships and get involved in new things that enrich you both personally and professionally.


Covidien Stories: Able to enjoy the balance...

Able to enjoy the balance

David, VP Strategy & Portfolio Management, Strategy and BDL

I believe everyone here wakes up, goes to work and remains committed to making a difference for patients, customers, colleagues and stakeholders. For me, I am always energized to work in an environment where we can make a difference every day. This is also a collaborative and collegial environment that makes it easy to seamlessly work with my many cross-functional colleagues. This is truly a unique company.

Covidien does a very nice job in helping to balance work and life. My team and I were finalizing some details for a major acquisition at the same time as my brother was getting married. It was incredible that Covidien was so respectful of my personal commitments – I was able to fully enjoy the wedding, weighing in at work where it mattered, even though this was the company’s biggest acquisition to date. I was grateful for this. I have been a part of many organizations that do not offer that kind of balance. It truly does enable people to make exceptional professional and personal commitments


Covidien Stories: Balancing work and life...

Balancing work and life

Megan, Senior Director Strategic Planning

The people at Covidien work hard and are accountable for their unique roles, which is a level of dedication indicative of our strong work/life balance. Our local flexible hours program really speaks to this notion – understanding that individual employees have different needs. Covidien definitely considers those needs when making major decisions. For example, we recently relocated our office, and our new location offers a shuttle to and from the nearby train station. The location was chosen, in part, because there is a day-care facility in the building.

At Covidien, employees are open to new people, new ideas and new experiences. We operate as a smaller company, but are actually a large company with a broader visibility and the ability to impact the industry.

The opportunity to lead instead of follow is embedded in our culture. Anyone can take the initiative to make a difference – we’re not locked into a strict hierarchical structure. You can take ownership of your career and make the most of your experience here.