Covidien Stories: Promoting positive outcomes...

Promoting positive outcomes

Gene, VP of Research & Development

My job is rewarding. There is always something exciting happening – whether it’s testing devices, meeting with surgeons, partnering with collaborators or developing revolutionary designs. It’s great to know that my work helps improve medical outcomes for others. It’s what makes me look forward to coming to work every day.

VP of Research & Development, I am in charge of all powered instrumentation. It’s a fast-paced environment, so things never get boring. Our products go through rigorous testing and much iteration before they go to the market. My day-to-day responsibilities include design, prototypes, international standards, testing, certifications, troubleshooting, and documentation, scheduling and seeking new opportunities. We are always moving.

About Covidien

Our Customer Commitment

Every day, all around the world, Covidien helps medical professionals improve patient outcomes and healthcare delivery. A $10.2 billion global healthcare company with 38,000+ people on the team, we create, make and sell medical devices and supplies from advanced surgical tools, vascular therapy products and respiratory care devices to sutures, needles and syringes. Our products, known for uncompromising quality and value, are often pioneering and typically number one or two in their markets. 

Patient driven

Behind everything we do is a clear focus on why we go to work. We never forget the people at the very end of the process – the patients who need to know their procedure will be safer, their recovery time faster or their hospital stay shorter. They drive each of us to take ownership and deliver on our promises; to work together so we can learn from and push each other to collaborate with medical professionals so we develop just what they need; and to innovate so we can extend the limits of discovery daily.

Investing wisely

Our scale, scope and financial strength allow us to invest wisely in strategic acquisitions, R&D, infrastructure and – most importantly – people. These are exciting times for Covidien. You could be part of them. Search and apply for the latest Covidien jobs today.


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